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Really like this,dude.Although it has simple animation,it still had that movie-like scenario.Also love the KIMB song at the credits,I'm a megafan and just a little Megadeth in NG will be appreciated.


I used to be a stick fan myself,too.You got amazing camera angles,drew the stick man pretty well(although,anyone can do it).And you managed to be with the few people on NG that make stick fights look good."Gives handshake"

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But I saw you on the troll science collab page,why didn't ou submit it there?

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hfbvm responds:

the prob is this is serious stuff!

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Pretty good

This game has classic grind your teeth difficulty that makes games like this great.Some people don't understand that and when they lost for the 25th or 40th time,they rage and say the game is broken or something like that,and then they go back to sucking their mom's tit and watch barney.

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R.I.P Ben

He was the first flash animator I've seen when I got here,and it saddens me to this day for him to be dead.The game is an epic tribute to our fallen ally,and hopefully some animators remember him in the future.Rest in peace,Ben.We will miss you.

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Nice game

I'm a Megadeth fan myself,and when I first saw the mask,a big grin grew on my face.

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MasterMerol responds:

Haha, MEGADETH is awesome!!!!, glad you liked it. THANNKS!!!!

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Love it.

You sir,deserve a medal of awesomeness.All be ears....Dang.

So is so good

that I'm going to make a flash out of it.

EyesAdrift responds:

That's awesome. I'm honored.


Your great at everything,are you?

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I've done the same thing

That movie wasn't as awesome as thought it would be,but at least you made it look cool.Me and my friends fired Imaginary bullets at the screen for 40 minutes before we got kicked out.

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il aime

Vraiment bien, l'amour dude.Still ces bandes dessinées vous make.I toujours pense que vous devriez faire que les chevaliers en bande dessinée Koroland.

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koroboy responds:

Thancks for the effort , you're speaking a very nice "français" !

Every single time

The shades are always awesome.All the time.

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